Angela Cartwright & Heather DECEMBER 2003
Angela Cartwright and I do an interview for BBC television for "The Ultimate Movie Chart" for British television. I don't know what number "The Sound of Music" comes in at, they wouldn't tell us, but they hinted it was up there near number one.  No set date yet but they are planning to air it in Great Britain in May of 2004.

Heather & Allison

Debbie & Heather

Debbie & Heather

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last update and much has happened. Most recently the Robert Urich Golf Tournament to benefit Sarcoma Research at the University of Michigan was a huge success. It was held, again, at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California. We raised over $400,000.00 in one weekend. The University is more than pleased that we were able to top last year’s efforts. We auctioned off some great prizes including a trip to Salzburg, Austria. Of course “The Sound of Music Tour” was included. To be a guest on final taping of “Friends” was a very popular item, not to mention a walk on guest appearance on “Will and Grace”.

The local fires were worrisome. Although, we weren’t very near the fires, it rained ashes the entire day of the tournament. We thought we were going to have to hand out masks.  Flights were cancelled due to the heavy smoke.  Emeril’s chefs didn’t make it in, nor did any of the food he was going to have flown in for the gala. We were sending folks out on grocery store runs all afternoon and Emeril was chopping and tossing like crazy back in the kitchen. He somehow managed to dazzle a crowd of 300 with an extraordinary gourmet dinner! He is an amazing and gifted guy! Some of the celebrity friends that made it memorable were Chris O’Donnell, Miguel Ferrere, Wayne Gretzky, Bruce Jenner, Craig T. Nelson, D. B. Sweeney, Harry and Linda Bloodworth Thomason, Jermaine Jackson, Reggie Smith, Emeril Lagasse and many more.  My “Sound of Music” sisters Angela Cartwright, (Brigitta) and Charmian Carr, (Liesl) were there to support the event. Angela was one of our official photographers and Charmy brought one of our Keynote speakers, Tracy Talley. Tracy is a Synovial Cell Sarcoma survivor. Click the link for photographs from this years event. URICH GALA & GOLF CLASSIC

Angela and I are forging ahead with the projects we are producing. We are enjoying the creative process and look forward to many years of collaboration.  

On a personal note, my daughter Emily got married! We are thrilled for her and wish her all the happiness she deserves. Allison started kindergarten and is flourishing. She is in the same Kindergarten classroom, with the same teacher that Ryan had. He, by the way, is on a field research trip in Hawaii. His job is to study the effect that people have had on the islands. Tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it! He’ll be there for six weeks and will get a semester’s worth of credits towards graduation with a degree in Biology.

We spent the better part of this summer in Canada, again at Camp Urich. Debbie Turner and her family came to visit as did Judy Rice and Donald Deal from NYC.  Robert was very much missed but we managed to enjoy ourselves at the lake.

I’d like to thank everyone for all of the emails I’ve received on the web site! It’s impossible to answer them all, but I do read every one of them!  


Heather appears on Entertainment Tonight April 18th, 2003 talking about life now and her plans for the future.


Angela Cartwright and I visit Salzburg, Austria locations where 'The Sound of Music' was filmed for the DISCOVERY/TRAVEL CHANNEL which aired April 3rd & May 1st 2003
Most recently to Salzburg, Austria with Angela Cartwright for an episode of The Travel Channel called “Movie Lovers Road Trip”.
We visited some of the locations where we filmed the movie “The Sound of Music”. It is scheduled to  air April 3rd, 2003.
I’d like to, first of all, thank all of the devoted fans who have been so supportive of me and my children during our most difficult time after the death of my beloved husband, Robert Urich. I hope this web site will give some of you insight as to how we are doing, how we have coped, and how we will heal. We buried Robert at our cottage in Canada where we have spent many summers fishing and swimming in the lake. It was his sanctuary and a place that continues to be our family refuge. We miss him more than words can say, but we will go on.  
2002 has come and gone. We have a new year and a new start. I managed to get some traveling in last year. I spent some time in New York City with friends where I saw some wonderful Broadway productions and even managed to sneak in an appearance on “Emeril Live”.
Ryan and Emily took some time off from school last year. Ryan is back hammering away at his Biology Degree and Emily plans to return to school in the fall.  And, will wonders never cease, Allison starts kindergarten this fall! Her strength continues to be an inspiration to us all.  

We spent Christmas in Park City, Utah where we rented a house. I guess it’s our way of introducing new traditions. It was an important time for us as a family and being away from home made the holidays manageable. We spent time with old friends and skied every day. Debbie Turner ('Marta' from Sound of Music) joined us for a few days.
I look forward to keeping you posted with little snippets and tidbits of the life and times of the Menzies Urich clan.