Heather Menzies Urich
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Born in Toronto, Canada, Heather Menzies Urich moved to California via Florida at the age of 11. Insisting on attending acting school, Heather enrolled at the Falcon Studio’s University of the Arts in Hollywood. Her first professional role at the age of 13 was on
“My Three Sons”. Directly after that Heather auditioned for and won the role of 'Louisa' in THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

Heather appeared in the film HAWAII, again with Julie Andrews and at the age of 16, traveled across the country to star in the Broadway play WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE with Shirley Knight. The production opened at the National Theatre in Washington DC and enjoyed a lengthy run at the Ethel Barrymore Theater in NYC.

Having guest starred in many television series throughout the 1970 and 80’s Heather did several television pilots and movies for television including TAIL GUNNER JOE with Peter Boyle and THE JAMES DEAN STORY with Michael Brandon and Amy Irving. She starred in the popular cult favorite Sssssss with Strother Martin and Dirk Benedict. She also starred in the popular series LOGANS RUN with Gregory Harrison. Following that series, Heather co-starred in the film PIRANHA with Bradford Dillman.

Heather met her husband, the late Robert Urich, acting with him in a Libby’s Corned Beef Hash Commercial. Heather guest starred in VEGAS and SPENSER FOR HIRE with Robert as well as many other television shows together. The couple co-starred in theatrical productions including THE HASTY HEART, a production at the Burt Reynolds Playhouse in Jupiter, Florida. The play achieved substantial acclaim including a run at the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington DC with President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan in attendance.

The Sound of Music - (1965)  Louisa
Hawaii - (1966)  Mercy Bromley
Piranha - (1978)  Maggie McKeown
How Sweet it is ! - (1968) 
Hail Hero - (1969)
Sssssss - (1973) Kristina Stone
Red, White and Busted - (1975 )
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes - (1969)
Endangered Species - (1982)  Susan
Love Letters
The Christmas Carol
Broadway: We Have Always Lived In A Castle
John Kenley Circuit: Barefoot in the Park
Kennedy Center DC: The Hasty Heart
Burt Reynolds Theater: The Hasty Heart
TELEVISION (Partial List)
Oprah Winfrey Show - Sound of Music Reunion (2010)
Logan's Run (1977) TV Series -  Jessica
The High Chaparral "The Little Thieves" (1967) - Elizabeth Roberts
Bonanza "Thornston's Account" (1969)  - Martha
Alias Smith and Jones "Girl in the Box Car" (1971)
The Bob Newhart Show "Not with my Sister You Don't" (1972) - Debbie Borden
S.W.A.T. "Time Bomb" (1975) – Sheri
The Six Million Dollar Man  - Alison Harker
Love Boat
To Rome With Love
The Smith Family
Dragnet - 3 episodes
My Three Sons
Marcus Welby MD
Owen Marshall
Room 222
American Dreamer
Spenser For Hire
James Dean/The Legend of James Dean (1976) – Jan
Tail Gunner Joe (1977)
Vegas - 3 episodes
Captain America (1979)
T.J. Hooker (Hooker) "Kind of Rage" (1982) - Dr. Kincaid
Farmers Daughter
The Keegans – pilot
Man In The Middle - pilot