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MARCH 2008


Here I am at the opening of "Freeze Frame - 5 Decades of Photographs" by Douglas Kirkland at the Academy of Arts & Sciences. Renowned photographer Kirkland took this photograph of us during the shoot of "The Sound Of Music" which is in his exhibit.
Charmian Carr (Leisl), Kym Karath (Gretyl) and Angela Cartwright (Brigitta) were also there.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my Sound of Music sibling Nicholas Hammond and his wonderful Mom Eileen aboard the ship Zaandam before they set sail for Hawaii. The ship is marvelous and I was very jealous. I wanted to stow away! We had a delicious lunch and toasted our friendship with Champaign. The guest relations director, Amber, could not have been more gracious to us, as she is a devoted fan of the movie. We took photos with the crew and promised to take the cruise together soon. It would be fun to share Sound of Music tales with the passengers!!
I sadly waved them off as they sailed into the sunset.

JULY 2007

Deb Turner (Marta Von Trapp) just left with her gang. They brought their jet skis up from Minnesota and ripped up the lake for a week. Alli loves Debbie's daughter Kate. They look amazingly alike....nobody believes they are not sisters. How is that for coincidence?  Debbie and I played sisters and our kids end up looking like sisters. We are going to miss those guys! They left on a perfect lake day. We had to pry those kids out of the water. We have a few weeks of lake and beach before we are off to Scotland. Alli and I paid a visit to Bob's memorial in Canada. Now I am basking in spending time as Grandma with my daughter Emily and her little ones Mia and Michelle.
Mia, Michelle & Alli

Till next time,


MAY 2007

I just got back from a jam packed trip to NYC. I went to the Sarcoma Foundation of America event at the newly renovated Marriott Hotel. As in past years, the event had an enormous turnout. More people have been touched by this disease than one would imagine. Anthony Federov, from American Idol fame, sang for us. He's an amazingly talented young man who lost his brother at the age of 28 to Sarcoma.
The rest of the week was spent going to as much theater as I could squeeze in with a little shopping on the side. I made my usual stop at The American Girl flagship store for some goodies for Alli. I was honored to be able to see Christopher Plummer in "Inherit the Wind." He is truly one of the greatest actors of our modern age. I went back stage to see him and tell him so. I don't know how the Tony voters will ever vote this season. There are so many terrific shows and the talent is abundant.

I'm off to Canada in a couple of weeks and then to Scotland for the Clan Menzies reunion at the castle in Aberfeldy.

More to come!




  Actually, welcome spring! I'm enjoying Spring Break with my little Alli and my son Ryan, who is home from Med School. He's having fun learning all about saving lives, and Alli is not having fun learning her times tables. From one extreme to the other!

I'm pleased to announce that our nonprofit status has finally come through for the new California based Robert Urich Foundation for Cancer Research. It only took a couple of years of cutting through red tape and jumping through hoops!  I'm still affiliated with the Urich Fund at The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. But, I wanted to develop a California based Foundation so that I would have more hands on control of how the events are produced. I also felt the need to fund programs for all forms of cancer while working in affiliation with The Sarcoma Foundation of America as well as The University of Michigan. We are off to the races and are planning a big event for this coming fall. Marc Cherry, creator/producer of "Desperate Housewives," has graciously offered to help us out with a dinner/auction on the set of Wisteria Lane. More to come on that!!

I'm off to NYC next month to attend the 5th annual Sarcoma Foundation of America's fundraising event. This year they are honoring all past courage award recipients, myself included.  Two years ago I accepted a posthumous award for Robert. I wasn't the one with the courage, he was. This year there will be a special guest appearance by Anthony Fedorov, a popular American Idol, who recently lost his brother to sarcoma. The most important strides The SFA has been making have been to change the FDA laws to allow for more drugs to be approved for sarcoma and other rare cancers.




Getting together with the SOM gals in January
(left to right) Debbie Turner, Angela Cartwright, me and Kym Karath

  Fun Times...
Holiday Moments 2006

On the family front....everyone is doing great. Emily is expecting number two and is thrilled.  Ryan is interviewing for Med Schools and feels really good about his prospects. Everyone will be home for Christmas!! It will be the first time in ages. Of course, we will be missing our knight....he is always in our hearts.










Oh my, have I been lax in my update. I don't quite know where to begin! We are ensconced in another school year and all is well. Alli is in the third grade!! She has recently discovered the joys of ice skating..... She and I recently flew to Vegas on a whim! I showed Alli some of our old haunts from when Bob was doing "Vega$" there. She had fun shopping, swimming in the hotel pool, room service and the shows. We had a great summer in Canada with my sister, Sheila, and her family.

We have a new addition to our family!! A border Collie we rescued from the pound and named Riley. He has every bad habit there is to have in a dog, but we love him just the same.

Angela Cartwright and I recently made an appearance at the Hollywood Collectors Show at the Burbank Hilton. It was loads of fun and we met a lot of great fans. Some of my childhood favorites were there. Lauren Chapin from "Father Knows Best," Chubby Checker, Johnny Provost and of course all of the "Lost in Space" gang including Bill Mumy.  I've grown up with those guys,



Recently found was this 1965 photo spread with the 'Sound of Music' kids in HARPERS BAZAAR
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